Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Something Adoptive Families Can Get Behind: Everyday Diversity Books for Kids

Everyday Diversity Books for Children Ages 3-8

Have you ever wished there were books that showed kids that look like your kid, doing everyday things? I was always happy to find books with Asian characters for my daughter, but lots of them took place in ancient China, or in Chinatown. I wanted to see books about things like visiting going to the library, or working out disagreements with playmates, or losing a tooth, that happened to have a main character with Chinese heritage.

This site, and the one mentioned below, have lists of books with diverse main characters involved in a variety of things--reading books, playing with blocks, riding the bus, dancing--you know, things that all kids do. Some of them are Asian, though it would still be nice to see even more Asian characters. But I feel it's important to read our kids books with pictures of all kinds of heritages so that they see all the cultures of America reflected in the books they read.

Here's the link for this booklist There are lots and lots of titls. 

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